In Harmony With Your Prediction

| Tampa, FL, USA | Learning | April 18, 2017

(I’ve been in choir for three years, and am in the top audition-only class. I’m also on the chorus student board. Thus, I have a lot of experience dealing with our director. We’re in a dress rehearsal. I’m standing next to a couple friends who have just joined. Our director is in the middle of a lecture to the entire combined chorus.)

Director: “…and [My Class]! All of you are sloppy and off-beat!! The beginning class sounds better than YOU!”

Friend #1: “Geez…”

Me: *quietly* “Standard [Director]’s pre-show meltdown. It happens at every dress rehearsal of every performance ever. Everyone is terrible and we’re all going to fail tonight. But tomorrow night he’ll be complimenting us on how great we sound!”

Friend #2: “How do you know this?”

Me: “Hello! How long have I been in chorus?”

Director: “WHO IS TALKING?! You need to pay attention or you are all going to FAIL tomorrow night!”

(We all shut up. The next night…)

Director: “I am so proud of all of you!! You did a great job! Everyone was on key and in harmony!”

(Friends #1 and #2 look at me in amazement.)

Me: “Told you.”

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