In For A Penny…

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(I am working as a bank teller at a branch near our city’s mall, so a lot of my customers are mall employees either making deposits, getting change for their stores, or cashing their paychecks. I am waiting on a newer employee from one of the men’s clothing stores, and since I don’t know his name yet I have been referring to him in my head as Tie Guy.)

Me: “Hi, what can I do for you today?”

Tie Guy: “I just need to get my paycheck cashed, please.”

Me: “No problem, it’ll be just a minute.” *processes his check through the computer* “Would you like it back any certain way?”

(I always ask because some customers are extremely picky about their money.)

Tie Guy: *jokingly* “American currency is fine.”

(I reach under my counter and pull out a $10 box of rolled pennies, which is pretty heavy and makes a loud thud when it hits the countertop.)

Me: *also jokingly* “I hope you brought a suitcase, then. It’s going to take a lot of boxes.”

(Tie Guy just stares at the box, then me for a few seconds, and then starts laughing.)

Tie Guy: “Maybe I should be more specific next time?”

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