In Fact You’re VERY Sorry To Have Called Them

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(I handle the phone at work. It’s a fairly busy and chaotic day. I get a call from a client with an emergency, and after that I quickly need to call my coworker on his mobile. I don’t have the number saved in my phone, so I type the number in manually. Because of all the stress I have had, I accidentally push the wrong buttons and have a typo in the number.)

Stranger: *picks up phone* “Yes?”

(I am instantly unsure if it’s really my coworker on the phone, because the voice sounds very unfriendly.)

Me: “Um… Hello? [Coworker]?”

Stranger: *yelling* “Who’s there?”

Me: “Oh… Wrong number.”

(I hang up, quickly trying to call my coworker again, as I really have an emergency going on. This time I type in the right number, but he doesn’t pick up his phone. I try to think of what to do next, when my phone rings. I can see the number of the caller on my display. It’s the “wrong number” I just accidentally called.)

Me: *picking up* “Welcome to [Business]. My name is [My Name]. How can I help you?”

Stranger: “Did you just call me?”

Me: “Yes, I think I did. I misdialed.”

Stranger: *very unfriendly* “So, you don’t even think it’s necessary to say sorry?”

Me: *baffled* “Well… Sorry I didn’t say sorry when I misdialed your number. You’re right. I should have said sorry.”

(I think this is the end of the conversation. But it’s not.)

Stranger: “Well, how did this happen in the first place? How can you accidentally call the wrong number?! This shouldn’t happen!”

Me: “It can happen when you’re under lots of stress and handle the phone all day. As I said, I’m sorry for calling you.”

Stranger: *almost shouting* “NO! This can’t happen! You’re such a horrible person, it’s disgusting. You called me and didn’t even say sorry. You didn’t even say your name. I know your number. I’m going to call the police. I know exactly where you live. I’m a lawyer myself, and I’m going to ruin your life!”

Me: *shocked* “You want to sue me because I accidentally dialed your number?”

Stranger: “You didn’t even say you’re sorry!”

Me: *trying to calm stranger down and ending the call* “I’ve said it in this conversation already, and I am going to say it again: I’m very sorry for calling you. I hope you have a great remaining day.”

Stranger: “You can stop with your sarcasm there! I’ll sue you! This can’t happen!! I’ll ruin your life! You’re such a bad person. I’ll end your career!” *hangs up*

(I never heard from that person ever again.)

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