In Charge And In Full Charge

| Working | October 20, 2013

(I am working night shift with two janitors on duty. One is asking me questions about the energy ‘supplements’ kept behind the counter. The janitors wear green uniforms.)

Janitor: “So what do most people buy?”

Me: “Most people buy [brand].”

Janitor: “Okay, let me try those.”

(About 20 minutes pass.)

Janitor: “Hey. Let me get one of those little liquid drinks.”

Me: “Really?!”

Janitor: “Yeah, these pills aren’t kicking in.”

(Another 20 minutes later, he comes up with an energy drink from the cooler. Finally things start to kick in and he gets everything cleaned, swept, and mopped in less than an hour while the other janitor and I stand and watch.)

Me: “I have no clue how his heart is still beating.”

Janitor #2: “Yeah, all I saw was a green blur!”

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