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In Bad Company

, , | Working | September 7, 2017

(I come home to find a taxicab parked in my parking spot. I didn’t order a taxi, and no one is in the cab. I call the taxicab company and they try to figure it out, but after an hour, I’m getting upset. So I call a local towing company and explain.)

Me: “Hello, there’s a yellow taxi in my driveway and I need it towed away.”

Towing: “HA HA HA! NO, we can’t tow a taxi cab! That’s PRIVATE PROPERTY! Call their company!”

Me: “I already did and they couldn’t figure it out. I need to park!”

Towing: “Sorry! Can’t help!” *click*

Me: “…”

(Eventually I had to park in the visitor’s space, which is much farther away. Seems to me like the towing company is always eager to tow private citizens’ cars, but not from a company! Anyone could slap a fake company’s name on their car and not have it towed!)

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