In A Bad (Inter)State

, , , | Working | May 16, 2019

(I, unfortunately, find myself unable to pay my credit card bill. I am driving on the interstate in heavy traffic while it’s raining. My phone rings. Normally, I would let it go to voicemail, but as I’m stopped at that second I take a moment to answer. I realize it’s someone from my credit card company, calling for their missed payment. After running through her little script, she asks me something about discussing payment options. Politely, I respond to her.)

Me: “Well, I’m sorry to say this, but I actually can’t — and shouldn’t — be talking right now. I’m driving in heavy traffic on the interstate and it’s raining. I can call back later; is that okay?”

(There’s a moment of silence before she replies with this gem:)

Agent: “Oh, well… Is there any way you could pull over and we could discuss this?”

(I am momentarily stunned, but when I get my voice I respond.)

Me: “Ma’am, with all due respect, I just told you I was driving in heavy traffic, in the rain, on the interstate. To be honest with you, I only answered because I’m stopped in traffic. Furthermore, I am not going to traverse through two lanes of traffic to pull over, on the interstate, to discuss a missed payment. I wouldn’t pull over even if I weren’t stuck in traffic. Sorry to sound rude, but that is a ridiculous request. Now, I have to focus on driving. I’m sorry, but I will be calling back later.”

(I hung up because I was trying to get into the rightmost lane so I could get ready to get off at my exit. I felt bad for saying all that, and for hanging up on her, but in my opinion, asking someone to pull over on the interstate to talk maybe ten minutes about payment options is ridiculous, when I could just do that when I arrived home, safe.)

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