Impossible To Filter Out This Much Ignorance  

, , | Right | September 26, 2019

(I work at a small cafe. You come up to the till and order, and there is a menu on the counter next to the till for the customers’ benefit, even if half the time they don’t read it. This customer is one of them.)

Customer: “Can I have a white filter coffee?”

Me: *a bit confused, as there are several white filter coffees we do* “Sure, what type of filter coffee would you like?”

Customer: *rather rudely* “What white filter coffees do you do?”

Me: *pointing the menu as I speak* “We do cappuccinos, lattes—”

Customer: “No, I don’t want them. I just want a white filter coffee!”

Me: *getting increasingly confused* “They are white filter coffees. If not, you can have an americano with milk. That’s a filter coffee…?” 

Customer: *getting increasingly annoyed* “I don’t want any of them! Is there not a simple white filter coffee? Are there any more?”

Me: “A flat white? It’s like a latte, but without the milk froth?” 

(This goes on for a bit, with me naming all the filter coffees we have, and her getting annoyed at me for not wanting the coffees I name.)

Customer: “Do you do any other coffees?”

Me: “We have instant coffee, but it’s… not a filter coffee…?”

Customer: “Yes, I’ll have one of them. That’s what I meant in the first place! How hard is it to get a coffee here?”

(I didn’t say anything after that, just continued the transaction. I made myself a cup of tea after I had made her drink, and realised I was glad it wasn’t busy at the time.)

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