Impolite With Or Without The Discount

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(This guest has stayed with our hotel several times, always finding something wrong in order to take advantage of our 100% money-back guarantee if she’s not “satisfied.” She has the highest tier rewards points in the hotel chain as well. She’s also EXTREMELY unpleasant and we all dread dealing with her. She comes to check out, wanting to pay cash. She’s used a “points + money” rate of $40.)

Me: “Okay, your total is [amount]. How was your stay?”

Unpleasant Guest: “I’m not paying that. You need to take my corporate discount off.”

Me: “Ma’am, you didn’t book on a corporate rate. You booked with your reward points. I can’t take more of a discount off.”

Unpleasant Guest: “Yes, you CAN! I do this all the time.” *she doesn’t; never at this location, anyway* “Call whoever you have to call. Get my discount, NOW.”

Me: *smiling through teeth* “Of course.”

(I go to the back and call my manager, who confirms that no, we can’t take a discount off the rate. She’s only paying $40 a night anyway, and we’d be losing money if we gave her more of a discount. I return to tell Unpleasant Guest this fact.)

Unpleasant Guest: “I can’t believe this! You’re giving TERRIBLE customer service.” *makes a huge display of writing my name on her folio, the date, and the customer service phone number* “I can’t stay here and argue about it any longer. YOU need to learn better customer service.”

Me: *while taking her cash and giving her change* “I’m sorry you feel that way, ma’am. Have a great day.”

Unpleasant Guest: *as she storms away* “I’m sorry you LOOK that way.”

(I’ve never been so insulted by a guest in my life. My manager backed me up and sent her an email telling her to choose another hotel to stay on her next visit.)

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  • Mushroom

    The ending makes me think of people I’ve known who would sarcastically answer things with “YOUR FACE”.

    her: I’m sorry you LOOK that way.
    me: I’m sorry you ARE that way.

  • Mari S

    Look which way?

    • Mushroom

      Right. 40 degrees clockwise. Do not check out the potted palm tree.

      • Cathrope

        Damn it! I just checked out the potted palm tree and it needs water. Preferably tears from the angry, crazy lady.

        • chickenface

          Those tears are far too salty.

          • Cathrope

            I didn’t think of that.

  • Jenn Marie

    Look that way? Should have said to Miss Grumpypuss, “Don’t hate me coz I’m beautiful.”

  • Bonzi77

    Do people really use the phrase “This is terrible/bad/horrible customer service” that much?

    • Michelle


      • Chiitaku

        I agree with this. -_-

        I sometimes hear it when people are trying to return items that require a receipt and they don’t have one, which leads to us refusing the return.

    • Deadpool
      • Cathrope

        Pull it and win a prize.

        • Matty

          That kind of decision making will blow up in your face.

          • Carvel Grim

            Pineapples are healthy… Go ahead… Have a bite…

          • Cathrope

            Some of us enjoy a big bang.

    • Kat

      I literally heard that exact phrase last week when a woman at Eataly complained to the manager that they wouldn’t seat her because her other party hadn’t shown up yet. She even told him to his face she was giving him a bad review. Best part? The other party never showed.

      • Cally

        Good, they dodged a bullet with that bint.

      • Kitty

        One bad review created by a jackass, compared to the other good reviews they likely have from other customers and regulars? Hmmm, tough choice.

        • Kat

          I literally flagged the manager down after we’d been seated and told him he did a fantastic job with that nut!

      • Ophelia

        What did she want? To sit by herself at a large table?

        • Kat

          No clue. He offered her wine or an appetizer to appease her and she just wanted to sit down. Despite the fact that all of the 20+ tables were occupied and there was at least 5 parties waiting to sit down. He even told her that as soon as the other party showed, they’d be seated immediately. She didn’t care. They even had bar seating for singletons but I guess she didn’t want that.

          • Kat Kirkpatrick

            That’s a special kind of entitled. I was out with a bunch of friends after work just last week. We celebrating a couple of promotions, but everyone was coming from different directions away, and with rush hour traffic, too. I got there first. I chose to sit at the bar until everyone else got there. No problems for the staff, and I got to sit down as well.

    • Cally

      Yes, they do, and it’s becoming more prevalent in the UK too. The US model is being taken up by corporate too, so we have to not only kiss posteriors we have to ask if they want a hand job too.

    • EricKei

      The bad ones like the customer in this story? Oh yeah. It’s just a another way to say “The worker told me ‘No.'” It doesn’t matter if the refusal was due to policy or abuse of it (as in this case), or because of little tiny insignificant things like the law (e.g. checking ID for booze/smokes)…If they are denied what they want, they treat it as “bad service,” no matter how sweetly the worker puts it.

    • NessaTameamea

      I’ve never seen it happen when I went shopping, but o don’t work in retail or any form of customer service. So I wonder, does that just not happen in Germany or do I live in too tame a city?

      • Kitty

        I agree; I live in Germany and I have yet to see a lot of these huge emotions from customers – as a customer myself or when I work retail. Are we too polite? Are we brought up to deal with disappointment and the word No? Or do I just keep missing them?

        • Ophelia

          The United States has a culture that encourages people to fight for what they believe in and that authority must be earned. Normally, that’s good. But if what one believes in is selfish and/or harmful to others, that’s when it can get quite ugly.

          This IS a country founded on overthrowing the empire that originally ran it, after all, so you can expect more rebelliousness than usual for a country.

          EDIT: Might also be the result of a parenting trend in the United States I’ve been seeing since the 90’s, in which parents provide everything for their children without question to the best of their abilities and budgets. They’re terrified to see their children upset, angry, frustrated, or otherwise negative, and they want the children to always be happy and content every waking minute. When they become adults, they’ve been so used to getting everything their way that they expect everyone else to die for them and get confused and infuriated when they don’t.

    • Rebecca Charlton

      Yes. Yes they do. I work in complaints.

  • Chiitaku

    Good on the manager! Hope she never comes back! The only thing that could make this better is if manager sent notice to the other hotels in their chain, warning people about this horrid woman.

    • Rebecca Charlton

      To ban them in my chain they have to call corporate and put it on record, which the other hotels in the chain can see. I’m in the department who takes those calls and honestly they are my favorite. I am helping a colleague make her job easier. Which means if the guest complains, that will pop up before we can enter the complaint, and if she gets banned from enough properties, she can lose her loyalty account, or even end up banned from the chain.

  • Katherine Alice Thompson

    Ad hominem attacks make you look like the doofus here, madam.

  • Blaine Wheeler

    “We shall never deny a guest even the most ridiculous request.”

    • Cynthia Dalrymple

      I don’t like this room. Redecorate it for me. And where’s my cookies just like Mom used to make?

      • danielle

        and i want a pool in my room!

    • Denton Young

      Corporate needs to grow a pair and adopt the attitude that unless the customer has video evidence from three angles and the sworn testimony of four Jesuit priests as eyewitnesses, the customer is never right and always a scammer.

  • Good, I love the banishment endings.
    My stepmom works at a very high end cosmetics store and she said the reason they take down your name and phone number was so that if they see a lot of return/exchange activity they send you a letter politely stating that the store obviously doesn’t have what you’re looking for and suggests you look elsewhere.
    And one time (this felt so good) we had a serial returner at our store who would return everything the next day and a lot of the time he was just filling the packaging with used items and keeping the new ones. When I was finally able to give him the banishment it felt great. We didn’t give him an outright ban. We let him know he was free to shop but from then on everything was final sale and all his receipts would be stamped. He tried to be slick by bringing in someone else to buy his stuff for him but we let them know, in front of him, that they wouldn’t be allowed to return. I think the guy didn’t expect us to do that and was hoping to just sit back and smirk at us but I laid it out flat.
    Love it.

    • Jackie Fauxe

      I enjoyed your story, but I’m a little confused. Did this happen to you or your stepmom?

      • Dsru Bin

        Sounds like there were two stories there. One about the reason for taking a name & number (from stepmom) and one where mangowow was able to punish a deserving customer.

      • Dsru Bin got it right. My stepmom works with cosmetics. Technically the “go elsewhere please” come from corporate and not her but she does get the benefit of reporting them when she thinks they’re abusing the system.
        I’m the one who verbally turned away a customer and told them they were no longer allowed to return items. It felt good.

        • Jackie Fauxe

          Ah, gotcha; thanks for clarifying! Your stepmom probably enjoyed your story a lot too, I’m guessing.

  • Vira Vandom

    I love a happy ending.

  • Kathy Plester

    ā€œIā€™m sorry you LOOK that way.ā€
    “Well, my face can be fixed but you’ll always be a sh*tty little b*tch.”

  • Kitty

    ā€œIā€™m sorry you LOOK that way.ā€
    Yeah, I somehow get this REALLY WEIRD look on my face whenever you’re around. Maybe you should leave, I’ll look better.

  • emax4

    “I find it odd that you always have an issue with our hotels, yet you insist on staying here. I’m stepping above corporate here and banning you from this premises and have the local PD on standby. I’ll be notifying corporate that they will lose less money now that you are no longer welcome here. Oh and have a nice day.”

  • Wendigone

    “Me: *smiling through teeth*”

    So… you smiled? You can’t smile THROUGH your teeth.

    • Moonshadow Kati

      If you want to get technical about it, you can. If you can capture a criminal through (by means of) investigation, then you can smile through (by means of) your teeth. šŸ˜€

    • Ilya

      Apparently you’ve never heard of grinning.

      • Wendigone

        Grinning is showing teeth, not “smiling through” them. No need to be an arse.

  • Denton Young

    Good for the manager, but it’s time for Corporate to revoke her membership and ban her from the entire chain.

  • AP

    I pity her whoever her partner is (husband/boyfriend etc).

  • Revvys

    Hilton? Hilton.
    As a fellow hotel worker I feel your pain so hard.

  • “Unpleasant Guest: *as she storms away* ā€œIā€™m sorry you LOOK that way.ā€”

    Wow… If that’s supposed to be an insult, I’m not impressed…

  • CJDeeds

    I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that this woman has consistently scammed free rooms and yet also has the highest tier on the rewards card. Sounds like they need to re-evaluate their rewards system.

  • Rebecca Charlton

    I hate it when guests call it a corporate discount. It’s a rate. You can’t combine rates. You either book a cash and points rate, or your corporate rate, one or the other, not both. We have rates for loyalty club members, we have rates for certain corporations, we have rates for AAA members or seniors, or residents of the region the hotel occupies, and I am happy to look through them all for you if you qualify for them all to find out which works out best for you, but you only get to choose one.

    Speaking as someone who works in complaints, I’m happy to see that the manager banned her from the hotel though.