Imperfect Harmony

| Romantic | October 3, 2014

(My girlfriend and I are getting take away and she sees a pretty girl…)

Girlfriend: “Hey, did you see that pretty girl?”

Me: “Yeah, the one wearing the blue skirt?”

Girlfriend: “Yes, she was really pretty but then she turned around and I saw that she was smoking.”

Me: “Well, you can’t have everything. She would have been too perfect. We need to have balance in this world.”

Girlfriend: “Well, she was doing a stink face. So she isn’t perfect.”

Me: “Well, she could always, smile… How about you? You always do that stink face that you do—”

Girlfriend: “But I look good in my stink face.”

Me: “So you’re saying you’re perfect, then?”

Girlfriend: “No…”

Me: “So, how do you balance out being perfect?”

Girlfriend: “I have you!”

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