Immune To Reason

| Concordia, KS, USA | Learning | December 11, 2014

(In tenth grade I missed a lot of school because of a weak immune system. This happens after missing over twenty days in two and a half months.)

Teacher: [My Name], what can I do to make you come to school more often?”

Me: “I don’t know? Make me not sick?”

Teacher: “You should still come if you’re sick.”

Me: “But… I have no reason to. I’d just be sent home.”

Teacher: “I’ll bribe you.”

Me: “With what?”

Teacher: “I’ll buy you a coffee if you come to school two weeks in a row without missing a day.”

Me: “Coffee makes me sick.”

Teacher: “Juice?”

Me: “Orange juice?”

Teacher: “Sure.”

(I got a cold two days later and never did manage to get a free juice.)

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