Immune To Reason

| Working | July 19, 2013

(In New Zealand, there is a free immunization schedule. My daughter has just had a shot that is on the schedule for age 11, but she has had it older than the recommendation.)

Receptionist: “You need to wait. The Doctor hasn’t put through the fee.”

Me: “I’m pretty sure it’s free; it’s on the schedule.”

Receptionist: “Oh please, why would it be free? Nothing is free when you’re 14.”

Me: “It’s on the schedule; I’m sure it’s free.”

Receptionist: “Please wait there! There will be a charge; she’s 14. I will get the Doctor.”

(The busy doctor comes out, looking confused.)

Doctor: “There is no charge for that.”

Receptionist: “Nothing should be free if you are 14!”

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