Immersing Yourself In The Material

| Learning | July 19, 2017

(This is in a religion class. The teacher has issued a sheet, face up, about the request of James and John. Unless I am told otherwise, I tend to read the handouts straight away in order to take some notes to look up later. Worth noting that the teacher is a priest and while we know his surname, we address him as Father and then his forename.)

Father: “So what does Jesus mean by ‘drink the cup as I must drink and be baptised as I must be baptised’?”

(I am the only person that puts up their hand.)

Teacher: “[My Name].”

Me: “At the time, baptism is by immersion, he means that he will be immersed in, and be forced to take in, suffering.”

Teacher: “Exactly right.”

Classmate #1: “How did you know that?”

Me: “It’s right in front of us.”

Classmate #2: “That’s cheating!”

Me: “If Father [Teacher] wanted us to not read before asking he would’ve handed it to us face down.”

Father: “Indeed. Taking the time to understand the criteria shows initiative, especially since you don’t know which stories will be in your exams.”

(There were some angry classmates for the rest of the lesson.)

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