“Imagine” The Day Getting Better

| Working | December 21, 2015

(I have just arrived at work after being dumped by my boyfriend the previous night. I sit down and log on to my computer, but then just stare into space. A middle-aged man walks past my cubicle who I don’t recognize, but that is common since my company is very large. Note: the background of my computer monitor is a collage of John Lennon pictures that I made.)

Random Coworker: *points at my computer screen* “Hey, you like John Lennon?”

Me: *feeling crappy* “Yeah…”

Random Coworker: “Me, too. He’s the best. I have a few books about him.”

Me: “Cool.”

(Normally I would be gushing about John Lennon at this point, but I’m too upset. He walks down the hall and out of sight. I assume he is done. But ten minutes later…)

Random Coworker: *holds out book* “Here it is!”

(I page through the book. It’s a book of rare photographs of John Lennon.)

Me: “Oh, wow!”

Random Coworker: “I have another copy of this book at home. You can have this one, if you don’t already.”

Me: “Really? Thank you so much!”

Random Coworker: “You’re very welcome.”

(Thank you, random coworker! I have yet to see you around again, but you made a terrible day a little more bearable.)

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