Imagine All The People, Listening In Harmony

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(It is before Google and Wikipedia are the go-to answers for everything. For a music class, I am supposed to create a taped recording of my research essay and have bits of the artist’s songs play at intervals. My topic is John Lennon.)

Me: “Dad, which of The Beatles is the lead singer for ‘Let it Be?'”

Dad: “Is this for your Lennon project?”

Me: “Yeah. I like the solo in the middle, but I don’t want to play a Paul song by mistake.”

Dad: “Make sure you include something about how important Lennon’s music was during the war years.”

Me: “I have in the essay. But I need to know—”

Dad: “You know, Lennon’s music had some major influence in how public opinion swayed during the Vietnam War.”

Me: “Yep. But I just—”

Dad: “You should use ‘Imagine.’ That is hands-down one of the most influential songs ever written. No doubt about that.”

Me: “I was planning that during the section on his solo years. But I just want to know who sings—”

Dad: “I actually heard of a cover of ‘Imagine’ on the radio the other day. A cover! No respect for a classic!”

Mom: *trying to talk over my dad* “Didn’t you look up The Beatles catalogue in your research?”

Me: “It only said it’s written by Lennon and McCartney.”

Dad: “‘Give Peace a Chance!’ A message we all still need to heed today!”

Me: “Uh-huh. I’ll settle for give listening a chance.”

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