I’m Sure Felicity Smoak Could Knock One Together

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(As an archer, I am looking for a shooting glove to protect my fingers from the string when I draw. Of course, I know that if I ask for it by its real name, the person who works in a store with so much product won’t know what I’m talking about. So, when I walk over to a really young guy working there, I ask:)

Me: “Hi. Can you please tell me where the archery gloves are?”

(His eyes go wide with excitement.)

Salesperson: “Oh, my God. That is so cool!

Me: “What do you think I’m asking for?”

Salesperson: “A glove that shoots arrows!

Me: “Yeah… That would be cool, but no, that’s not what I’m after.”

(I explained what I wanted, and he was so crestfallen as he pointed me in the — kinda — right direction.)

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