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I’m Putting My Broken Foot Down On This

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(Our store manager is not well-liked. She harasses people about mistakes, makes up new rules without notice, “loses” day-off requests, and is a nightmare to work with. I injure my ankle in a work-related accident, and I’m told by the doctor I have to sit while working. I go in to pass on the restriction.)

Manager: “This won’t work. You have to be at the register.”

Me: “There’s no way for me to sit with how high the counter is.”

Manager: “Then you’ll have to stand.”

Me: “My doctor has said I can’t. I can greet or do [Department] work, but I can’t ring.”

Manager: “No, you’re going to be at the register or you’re fired.”

Me: “So, you’re ignoring my doctor’s orders — caused by an accident in your store — because you want an extra cashier, which could delay my ankle healing or even make it worse?”

Manager: “Don’t talk back to me! I’m in charge!”

Me: “You’re actually breaking the law. If you’re going to ignore doctor’s orders, I’m going to make a few phone calls.”

Manager: “Fine! It had better be a phone call for a ride home!”

(I step out and call the district manager. He picks up.)

Me: “Hey, it’s [My Name] from [Store]. You might want to have a chat with [Manager].”

District Manager: “What’s going on?”

(I explain what’s happened. He’s silent the entire time, and only talks when I’ve finished.)

District Manager: “I’m going to take care of this. Stay there; I’ll call you back.”

(A couple of minutes later, someone radios that [Manager] has a phone call. I can hear her talking through the office door.)

Manager: “Hello?” *pause* “Yes, but I don’t care; it could be fake…” *pause* “It’s signed, yes…” *pause* “There’s a phone number for the office on it, yes.” *pause* “No, I’m too busy to call them…” *pause* “I know it’s illegal but she’s probably faking it…” *pause* “What?!” *pause* “Okay… Okay.”

(I hear her set down the phone. I get a call on my cell phone another minute later.)

District Manager: “Hey, [My Name], go ahead and greet up front. Someone should be able to get you a chair up there. I’m sorry about all this.”

(The store manager was fired soon after, for that and many other reasons.)

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