I’m Positive This Is The Issue

| Working | June 5, 2013

(I’m working as a field tech, and I’m at a site trying to figure out why their database keeps going missing.)

Me: “So walk me through what you do each day.”

Employee: “Well, I take this floppy disk to the office and get the database, and then I bring it back here. Then I put it in the drive, and it doesn’t work.”

(She shows me a pile of ‘failed’ floppy disks. I look at the computer and see a HUGE magnet sitting on the computer right over the floppy drive.)

Me: “Um, is this always sitting here?”

(I pry the magnet off the computer.)

Employee: “Yeah, I guess it’s been there for awhile.”

Me: “I don’t suppose your problems started right about the time this got placed on the computer?”

(I go on to explain the problem with magnets and floppy disks, and we try running the process with a new disk. Lo and behold, it worked.)

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