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I’m Paid By The Hour, Lady

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I’m the only front desk worker at my doctor’s office, and I usually lock the front door so patients won’t come in while I’m out. However, this time, our IT guy is working on my computer, which is in the office right beside the front door, and one of the nurses is going in and out, so the front door is unlocked.

I’m only out for twenty minutes, so I figure no one will have shown up yet.


A patient has shown up thirty minutes early and is standing at the dark office window, grumbling. Luckily, my office door is right beside the window, so I try to move around her to get into my office, but she instantly moves in my way and glares at me.

Patient: “I was here first. Wait your turn.”

When I try to explain that I need to get into my office, she interrupts me multiple times, so I finally sit down to go through my phone and check a few emails. After she’s stood there almost ten minutes, she complains.

Patient: “Are they ever going to check me in?”

I look up from my phone and give her a pointed look.

Me: “I can’t. I’m not at my desk.”

She gets the point and sits down, allowing me to get to my desk. I take my time with clocking in before I ask her to approach the desk.

Patient: “You could have told me who you were.”

Me: “I tried, and you interrupted me.”

I’m definitely making sure the others know to lock the front door when I’m not here.

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