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I’m On The Skater Boi, He Said Honk And Kill Me Boi

, , , , , | Friendly | September 23, 2019

I was sitting in my car, waiting at a red light, when I heard the bang of something hitting the passenger side of my car, behind the door. I looked over my shoulder and in the side mirror but didn’t see anything. The light then changed to green, and the road was busy and extra narrow because of construction, so if I got out of my car to look, I’d have been holding up all sorts of traffic. I started to go, but the car behind me honked. I knew something was wrong so I put my car in park and got out — to find a skateboarder under my car!

He had — I would guess — lost control on the bumps of the torn-up sidewalk, hit my car, and then climbed under my car to retrieve his board. His hip was near my back tire and I would have cut him in two had the car behind not honked.

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