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I’m Not Seeing Red… Yet!

, , | Right | February 9, 2022

I was doing a small brochure site for a client when he requested some revisions. I did the revisions as requested and dropped him an email saying all was good.

I got a call a few hours later from him with this story.

Client: “Hi, it’s [Client]. My brother has just been made redundant and is desperate for money. He wants to do this website and for me to pay him for it. How much will it cost me to knock the website on the head now and give it to him to do?”

Me: “As I’m just waiting on copy and other small bits and pieces, a figure of 75% of the agreed amount is fair.”

Client: “I’ll think about it and call you back.”

I got a call ten minutes later from the client who was now yelling.

Client: “[My Name], you’re just not doing what I’m asking. You’re not listening to me and you’re ignoring what I want! The text I wanted is there, but it’s small and black. I asked for a big, bold heading in red! I don’t want to continue. You’re not doing what I’m paying you for.”

I was shocked and genuinely offended, but as he gave the vital “the text is there but not how I want it,” I could instantly ascertain that his browser had cached the stylesheet. I explained this to him in a surprisingly cool and collected manner, at which point, he realised that it wasn’t my fault at all.

He was really really apologetic, but relations were different after that.

Incidentally, the project did end up getting cancelled early, as he refused to pay for any more revisions.

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