I’m Not Going Nuts

| Working | June 21, 2013

Me: “Excuse me sir? Do you have any raw nuts?”

Worker: “Raw nuts? What do you mean?”

(I gesture to the wall of nuts.)

Me: “All of these are roasted and salted. I don’t want that; I want ones that are not roasted.”

Worker: “Oh! You mean still in the shell! They are right next to the shelled nuts.”

Me: “No, those are all roasted too. I don’t care if they are shelled or not; I just don’t want them roasted. Do you know if you carry them raw?”

Worker: “What do you mean, ‘raw?’ Why do you keep saying that? Nuts don’t come any other way!”

Me: “Do you have a way of double checking for me? Or maybe one of your—”

Worker: “Ma’am, there ain’t no such thing as ‘raw’ nuts. Nuts only come roasted. I don’t know who told you about these ‘raw nuts,’ but they were probably just joking with you.”

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