I’m Not Frowning Around Here

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(At my restaurant, there is one round table that sits eight people — the biggest table in the restaurant. Because weekday mornings aren’t busy, we don’t need many people on the clock, meaning only certain tables are open to be sat with customers. The round table in question does not have a server at this particular time. We also have round tables and booths for six people. One old woman comes in with her grandchildren. I’m in the back rolling silverware when my front of house manager lets me know that the lady wants the round table for eight since that’s where the lady says she usually sits. I’ve never seen this woman and I’ve worked at this store for two years, but whatever. The manager tells me the party is five people. It is completely unnecessary to sit five people at this big round table, especially when we have tables that can accommodate the size that actually have servers available to serve them.)

Me: “Is a six-person booth or a six-person round table okay for you?”

Lady: “Uh, no. I asked for that table.” *points to the eight-person table*

(I just nod and get the menus ready. I know this means I’ll have to argue with a server to pick up a table outside their section, so I’m not happy, but “no rules, just right” is the restaurant motto, so I have to sit them there if I have the option to.)

Lady: “Why did you just frown?”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

(I’m a very smiley and sun-shiny person. I don’t typically frown.)

Lady: “You looked down when I said that and frowned.”

Me: “I’m sorry if I did, ma’am, but I didn’t intend to.”

Lady: “You. Frowned.”

Me: “Uh…” *looks to my manager for help* “Ma’am, I think that’s just my face.”

Lady: “You frowned. Don’t lie to me. Why are you frowning? Is it too much work to do your job?”

Manager: “Ma’am, there’s no reason for her to frown! I trust that she didn’t do it on purpose. Your table is right this way.”

(This goes on for a few minutes while my manager desperately tries to get her away from me. If I did frown, that honestly wasn’t intentional, and I tell her that many times. She doesn’t believe me.)

Lady: “You don’t want me here!”

Me: “I assure you, that’s not the case! [Manager] can take you over to your table!”

Lady: “You shouldn’t work with customers if you frown.”

Me: “Again, ma’am, I didn’t mean to frown if I did. I’m sorry.”

Lady: “Are you calling me a liar?”

Me: *before I can stop myself* “Yes, because I didn’t frown.”

(I realized what I said half a second too late. Surprisingly, the woman just looked at me, then followed my manager to the big table she didn’t need that she caused more trouble for than it was worth. Funnily enough, I came out of the kitchen ten minutes later and she’d moved to a six-person booth! But since she moved on her own, she picked one of the TWO booths in the restaurant that did not have a server, so someone had to pick that up, too. She ended up sending back her prime rib three times. At least I wasn’t the only one who got tortured by that witch.)

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