I’m Going To Use The Law To Sue You For Not Using The Law!

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(I work at a small law office that does disability claims. My main job is answering the phone and directing calls, or answering questions as needed. This call is one I’ve never dealt with before and still leaves me laughing weeks later.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Law Office]. How can I help you?”

Caller: “I got hit!”

Me: “Are you okay? Have you contacted 911?”

Caller: “No! This happened last week. I got hit by some a** b*****d who was too busy swerving around the road, and he knocked my car off the road! I want to sue him!” 

Me: “I see. I’m sorry that happened, ma’am, but we only do disability law.”

Caller: “See, he wasn’t paying attention. He told the cops he was swerving around someone else, and he hit me. My neck and back hurts now. I had to go to the emergency room, and my car got dented. They’re going to have to take off the whole right side.”

Me: “Again, I’m sorry to hear that, but–“

Caller: “He knocked me right off the road. Can you believe that? Said that I was in his blind side. I want to sue him; he needs to pay my medical bills, d*** it.”

Me: “Okay, we can’t help you, but I can give you a number to the state bar referral.”

Caller: “What?”

Me: “We only do disability law. We can’t help. But I can give you a numb–“

Caller: “Why can’t you help me? I’m in my rights to sue if I want to! He hit me!”

Me: “Because we only do dis–“

Caller: “I’m going to sue you! You’re refusing to help me! I’m calling the newspapers and letting them know about you and your office, b****! F*** you!”

(We have yet to hear anything.)

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