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I’m Going To Make Him A Math Problem He Can’t Refuse

| Romantic | January 6, 2014

(It is finals week for me, and I’m working on my math homework with my boyfriend checking it. I’ve just finished a test and am having him see what I did wrong on the answers I got wrong. He notices one problem is a bit off.)

Boyfriend: “Number 20: you did two things wrong. One, what is a negative times a negative?”

Me: “A positive. Oops.”

Boyfriend: “Yeah. And the second thing you did wrong…”

Me: “A polynomial went missing. Right?”

Boyfriend: “It vanished. Baby, what is the Law of Conservation?”

Me: *giggling madly* “Energy cannot be destroyed or created. It’s simply there?”

Boyfriend: “So is matter.” *looks indignant* “Baby, you can’t make numbers disappear like that. You are not the Numbers Mafia! You are not the Mathfather!”

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