I’m Going On (Jail) Break

, , , | Working | July 20, 2018

(One of my coworkers never shows up on time. She is given one final warning, then agrees to cover on Friday for someone. She never shows. There is a note from my boss stating she was fired and if she comes in, to tell her to leave. On Monday I get a call.)

Coworker: “Hey, I was wondering what I’m scheduled for next week.”

Me: “Uh… You’re not. You were fired, remember?”

Coworker: “What?!”

Me: “Yeah, you were a no-show on Friday. There’s a note stating you’re no longer employed here.”

Coworker: “Well, I had an emergency! I couldn’t come in!”

(She often says she is too tired as an “emergency.”)

Me: “It doesn’t matter; you were suppose to show, or at least call.”

Coworker: “I couldn’t!”

Me: “Why not?”

Coworker: “I was in jail! I just got out! I need the money!”

(She definitely remained fired after that.)

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