I’m Dreaming Of A Wi-Fi Christmas

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(It’s not that I don’t like my brother-in-law; it’s just that I find him very difficult. Despite being in his 30s, he acts like a child; he is selfish and irritating, and he won’t make conversation unless it is about him or something he likes. My wife invites her sister and her husband around for Christmas, along with some more family. They turn up late, and he immediately makes himself comfortable, feet up on the sofa, and logs into our Wi-Fi.  After half an hour, he hasn’t spoken to anyone; he’s just been staring at his phone. I look at my wife who wordlessly motions me not to say anything. Then…)

Brother-In-Law: “What’s wrong with the Wi-Fi?”

Me: “Hmm?”

Brother-In-Law: “I can’t get on.”

Me: “Oh, really?” *my wife shoots me a dirty look*

Brother-In-Law: *whining* “I was just about to level up.”

Me: “Oh, it does that sometimes; it might come back on in a bit.”

(He finally put away his phone and actually joined in a conversation. But not before moaning about how much better his Internet speed was, and how we should sort it out. He actually tried to get his wife to leave, on Christmas Day, as he was getting bored. She told him to shut up and deal with it. Now, every time they come over, the Wi-Fi has the same mysterious problem. I don’t think he will ever work it out!)

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