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I’m Drawing A Blanc

, , , , | Right | July 27, 2019

Me: “All right, and do you want any sauce on this?”

Customer: “Mustard. And white pepper.”

Me: “Um… Okay, mustard. And you said pepper?” *holding up the pepper*

Customer: “White pepper.”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, we don’t have white pepper at this store. Only black pepper.”

Customer: “Nooo, you do have white pepper. I want the white.”

Me: *putting all the shakers on the counter* “Sorry, ma’am. I’ve got black pepper, oregano, and salt.”

Customer: “That’s it.” *points to the salt*

Me: “Salt? All right.”

Customer: “No, it’s white pepper.”

Me: “It’s salt. Did you still want this on?”

Customer: No, I can’t have salt. I can have white pepper. I want white pepper.”

Me: “All righty.” *puts on “white pepper”*

(At the counter:)

Customer: “The doctor said that I can’t have salt because of my blood pressure. He didn’t say I couldn’t have white pepper.”

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