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I’m Berry Berry Confused

| Working | December 15, 2015

(My husband and I are at a popular local chain for breakfast.)

Me: “I’d like the multi-grain pancakes, but I’d like the strawberry syrup topping instead of the plain mixed berries.”

Waitress: “So you want the berries on the side?”

Me: “No, I want this topping –” *I point to the picture of the strawberry topping on the menu* “– instead of the plain blueberries and strawberries that the pancakes usually come with.”

Waitress: “So you don’t want any berries?”

Me: *getting frustrated at this point* “No! I want the Strawberry TOPPING that is RIGHT HERE in this picture.”

Waitress: “So you want the berries and the topping?”

Me: “No. I want you to switch the topping for the berries.”

Waitress: “But you keep saying ‘Instead’…?”

(At this point I gave up, and just conceded the point. It was not worth fighting over. When my pancakes came out, they were burnt on one side, and all that was on them is the strawberry syrup, no topping at all — the picture I’d pointed out had strawberries, whipped cream, and the strawberry syrup. Being pregnant and hormonal, I just about burst into tears.)