I’m A No-Frills Gay

| Related | January 15, 2016

(I came out as gay a few months prior to this story. My family have accepted it very well. However, one day Mum, who is doing the ironing, comes into my room holding a woman’s top, a white one with frilly sleeves. It looks similar to a T-shirt I have, except mine is a man’s top and has no frilly sleeves.)

Mum: “Darling, is this yours?”

Me: “No.”

Mum: “Are you sure? It’s not mine, and it looks like one of yours.”

Me: “Not really…”

Mum: “Did you buy it by mistake?”

Me: “No, definitely not.”

Mum: “Is there something else you need to tell us?”

Me: “Mum, it’s not mine. Hang on; let me take a look at it.”

(I look at the label, which says “Two-Part Set”. Suddenly I realise what it is.)

Me: “Um, Mum, this is part of the pyjama set I bought you for Christmas. The bottoms should be around somewhere.”

Mum: “Oh!”


Mum: “I found the bottoms. Sorry about that. It’s just that when you came out, and then I found this, I wondered…”

Me: “Mum, I’m gay, that’s all. I’d look silly wearing that anyway. But even I were silly enough to buy it ‘by mistake,’ I’d take it back, not take all the labels off and then wash it…”

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