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| Romantic | May 2, 2014

(At the end of the year, most of the professors at my school host a meal at their houses for their classes. This professor is married to another staff member at the school and they are possibly the cutest couple I’d ever met.)

Classmate: “So, [Professor], does [Husband] still make you breakfast before work?”

Professor: “As long as he’s up before me. Actually, yesterday, after he gave me my coffee and before heading out the door, he called back to me. He said, ‘Honey, illy!'”

Classmate: “Illy?”

Professor: “Yes. I asked him to repeat it. He said, ‘Illy’ again, stating that it’s how the young folks say ‘I love you’ now. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that it’s just something in text messaging, so I said, ‘Illy too, dear.'”

(We all went back and forth with laughing and going ‘awww’ at how adorable he was that day. I hope to marry a man like that someday.)

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