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I’ll Show You Mine If You’ll Leave Me Alone

, , , , | Related | CREDIT: GalaxyCube101 | June 30, 2021

I have just finished watching a movie when my mom comes in and asks me when the last time I did laundry was. I looked at her.

Me: *Plainly* “Only about a week ago.”

I have a lot of clothes, so I don’t have to do laundry as often. She scoffs.

Mom: “What about your underwear? I’m sure you’ve been wearing the same pair for months!”

I try not to laugh and tell her that I change my underwear every day.

Mom: *Frowning* “Oh, sure. I know you don’t have thirty pairs of underwear.”

Me: “Actually, I do.”

Mom: *Shouting* “Then show me!”

I smile as she leaves, and I do exactly what she said. I get a small box, go into my closet and dresser, and begin collecting every pair of underwear I can.

After about fifteen minutes or so of gathering underwear, I walk out of my room to her and thrust the box in front of her.

Mom: *Demanding* “What is this?”

Me: “Thirty pairs of underwear, just like you asked.”

I smile at her. She gives me an icy glare and starts counting them out one by one.

Mom: “This is only twenty-nine!”

Me: “Oh, my bad.”

I smiled and dropped my pants, showing off a bright yellow pair of underwear.

She never bothered me about laundry after that.

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