I’ll Mind My Manners If You Notice Them

, , , , | Right | October 8, 2020

A customer has been waiting less than two minutes but is already rolling his eyes and standing with his hand on his hip. I still attempt to be friendly and polite.

Me: “How are you today?”

The customer ignores me. I scan his items.

Me: “Would you like a bag?”

The customer still ignores me.

Me: “Okay, your total is [total].”

The customer ignores me and pulls out his card.

Me: “Card? I just need your PIN here and then press ‘okay.’”

The customer sighs and enters the PIN.

Me: “And here’s your receipt!”

The receipt prints and I hold it out to him. He ignores my hand and locks eyes with me. As I’m about to say thank you, he suddenly speaks.

Customer: “You know, a single please or thank you would have been nice at least once through that entire transaction!

He snatched his receipt and stormed out of the store, leaving me speechless.

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