I’ll Learn To Read If You Learn To Behave

, , , , | Right | April 9, 2020

(I’m ringing out an elderly customer after a long day and he’s only got a pack of pens, which comes up to be only about eight dollars. If the transaction is under twenty, we don’t need to ask to see their card. This customer has been pleasant until now.)

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry, sir, our system doesn’t like reading the [Different Business] cards. I’ll just hand key it.”

(He hands me the card and I notice it says, “SEE ID,” on the back. Not worried about it since it’s such a small amount, I type it in, ask him to accept, and hand him back the card.)

Me: “You’re all set; I’ll just get your receipt!”

Customer: “Did you read the back of the card?”

Me: “Yes, I did, sir, but—”

(I’m cut off as he proceeds to SHOVE HIS CARD INTO MY FACE, touching my nose with it.)

Customer: “Then what the f*** does it say?!”

Me: “It says, ‘See ID.’ I would appreciate it if you didn’t shove your card in my face.”

Customer: “Learn to f****** read,”

Me: “Sir, for this amount I’m not required to ask for your ID, so I thought I would save you time.”

Customer: “Miss Congeniality.”

(After that, he stalked out of the store, leaving me stunned. I’ve had customers yell at me before but having him get aggressive enough that he shoved his card in my face shook me up a little. I radioed for my manager to ring out the next customer while I went to sit in the office to take a breather because I was close to an anxiety attack. I found out later that the woman next in line watched the entire thing and proceeded to rant during the whole transaction about how people can be so rude. She told my manager to send me on break and hoped I had a better day. Thankfully, it was almost over, but that kindness helped me through it.)

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