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I’ll Just Transfer Your Complaint To Mother Nature

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(I work in the credit card department of a call centre for a major bank.)

Customer: “I ordered a replacement credit card last week and it was due to arrive on Monday. It’s now Wednesday and I still haven’t received it. This is ridiculous.”

Me: “I do apologise, sir. As I’m sure you are aware, there was a major storm on Monday and the whole country was on strict orders not to travel. As such, no post could be delivered, which is why your card is delayed.”

Customer: “Exactly, and because of the storm damage, the postal workers aren’t delivering post today or yesterday, either.”

Me: “Yes, so you should expect to receive your card tomorrow.”

Customer: “But why didn’t it arrive when you said it would?”

Me: “Because of the storm, sir. As you said, there has been no post delivered for the last three days.”

Customer: “That’s unacceptable. You should have known the storm was coming and sent the card earlier.”

Me: “We can only send a new card when you request one. I can see you requested a card last Thursday and, had it not been for the storm, that would have arrived on Monday. Unfortunately, we can’t predict the weather.”

Customer: “That’s not my f****** problem! Typical incompetent banks! You should have known the storm was coming and done something about it.”

Me: *exasperated* “I can log a complaint for you sir, but we certainly can’t control the weather. We also can’t predict that you will want a card and send it before you request it.”

Customer: “F****** idiot!” *hangs up*

(Needless to say, when I logged his complaint, it was dripping in sarcasm.)

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