I’ll Be Home For Christmas… But Will Anyone Else?

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(Usually, I go home for Christmas every year, but this year I have to work over the festive period. To make up for this, my mum suggests getting everyone together for an early Christmas so we can at least have some time together. I buy an expensive train ticket down south and buy everyone’s presents. However, a few days before I am about to leave, my mum suddenly drops a bombshell on me.)

Mum: “We’re looking forward to having you down this weekend.”

Me: “Oh, me, too. It will be wonderful have a little Christmas get-together.”

Mum: “But you know you’re sister isn’t coming, right?”

Me: “Err… No. Why not?”

Mum: “Oh, she’s going to meet up with a friend that day.”

Me: “That’s a little annoying. I thought you said she was coming! Well, at least [Brother] and [Brother’s Fiancée] will be there, right?”

Mum: “Oh, no. He’s not coming!”

Me: “WHAT?!”

Mum: “He’s got plans with friends; you know how it is.”


Mum: “What’s the matter?”

Me: “Mum, there’s no point me coming home now!”

Mum: “Oh, yes. I suppose not!”

Me: “Why didn’t you tell me this?”

Mum: “You can still come, though.”

Me: “What for? No one’s going to be there!”

Mum: “Dad and I will be here!”

Me: “That’s not the same. I’m not going to get a family Christmas this year; I’m working!”

Mum: “Well, can’t you just go to a friend’s house or something Christmas Day?”

Me: “I’M WORKING! Why didn’t you tell me about this?”

Mum: “I thought I did.”

(For the next few minutes, my mum and I go back and forth; she claims to have told me and I confirm that she said nothing. Finally, after mentioning it for the umpteenth time I finally snap.)

Mum: “Are you sure I didn’t tell you?”

Me: “NO… YOU… DIDN’T!”

Mum: “There’s no need to shout!”

Me: “Mum, there is every need to shout! I’ve just spent loads of money on a really expensive ticket and a bunch of presents, which you are now telling me I won’t be able to give or receive until months after Christmas! Secondly, you told me we were going to be getting together because I won’t get a family Christmas this year, and now, a couple of days before going, you suddenly tell me no one is showing up! I think I have a few reasons to be angry!”

Mum: “Are you sure I didn’t tell you?”

(At the end of my rope, I hung up on her. Afterwards, I got a bunch of messages from her about my “rude behaviour,” informing me that she was “waiting for an apology!” Early the next day, my dad called me, extremely apologetic about it. Apparently, my mum hadn’t actually organized anything and had just casually mentioned that I “might be dropping by on the weekend.” Thankfully, my brother and sister were very understanding and agreed to come for the early Christmas. My mum looked very embarrassed throughout the dinner, though.)

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