I’ll Buy One Internets

| Right | July 20, 2017

(About an hour before close, with no one in the store, a group of customers walks down the aisle into my department as I am walking out. I return a few minutes later to find a fast food cup in the ground, spilled over a large area. I begin to clean it up, when one of the group appears.)

Customer #1: *holding a streaming media player* “Is this a hotspot?”

Me: “That’s a streaming device.”

Customer #1: “So I can watch Netflix on my TV?”

Me: “Yes, but you have to have a Wi-Fi connection first.”

(She walks off, and is replaced by another person from her group, asking the same question. I am still kneeling on the floor cleaning.)

Customer #2: “This will make wireless Internet?”

Me: “No, it is just a media player. You need a router, a few aisles over. I can’t leave here until I have this water cleaned up.”

Another person in their group, walking by: “Actually, it’s Sprite.”

(In the end, I was not able to help them, as they were looking for a “hotspot” that would give them wireless Internet without paying a cable company or cell phone provider.)

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