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I’ll Beatle You To It

, , , | Working | October 10, 2015

(I am on vacation with my family and in the eighth grade, wearing a Beatles T-shirt. As we are buying food for lunch at a grocery store, the cashier notices my shirt and starts quizzing me as he’s checking out our food.)

Cashier: “What was their original name?”

Me: “The Quarrymen.”

Cashier: “What’s Ringo’s real name?”

Me: “Richard Starkey.”

Cashier: “Who was the original drummer?”

Me: “Pete Best.”

Cashier: “Who was the original bassist?”

Me: “Stu Sutcliffe.”

Cashier: “Who was their manager?”

Me: “Brian Epstein.”

Cashier: “What label did they work under?”

Me: “Apple.”

Cashier: “Who was their sound manager?”

Me: “George Martin.”

Cashier: “Who died first?”

Me: “John.”

Cashier: “Who died second?”

Me: “George.”

(He seemed pretty happy to know I knew all those facts.)

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