I’ll Be Invalid For Christmas

, , , | Right | December 23, 2017

(It’s the 23rd of December and I’ve been on tills for several hours. A lady comes through my till and is complaining the whole time about low stock, claiming prices weren’t displayed properly, and grumbling in general. When it comes to paying she presents me with a ‘€5 off €50’ shop voucher.)

Me: “I’m really sorry but I can’t accept this. It says here that it’s only valid in the Republic of Ireland. My till won’t accept it.”

Customer: “Are you joking? Are you serious right now? Just change it all to euros and put it through.”

Me: “I’m really sorry but that’s not how it works. As it says here, it’s not valid in the UK, only ROI”

Customer: “Well, you know what? You’re a little c*** and [Store] are a bunch of b******s!”

Me: “…And your total is £130, madam. Can I help you with anything else?”

(In complete contrast another lady and her friend tried to tip me £10 each for “being so nice and putting up with the general public.”)

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