Ignoring The Meat Of The Matter

, | Working | February 24, 2015

(Our broiler breaks down during lunch service. It’s our only means of cooking burgers. Fortunately we still have a small number on hold but not enough to last very long. I’m working in the back making the orders. We sell the last of the meat and are now only able to offer chicken. I inform the cashiers of this and they all acknowledge it. Moments later an order comes up for two burgers.)

Me: “We don’t have meat.”

(The cashier keeps going.)

Me: *louder* “We’re out of meat.”

(The cashier keeps going.)

Me: *practically yelling now* “[Cashier], WE DON’T HAVE MEAT!”

(The cashier finishes the order and I’m finally able to get her attention.)

Me: “[Cashier], you know we don’t have any meat left, right?”

Cashier: *blank stare* “Yeah, so?”

Me: “So… what did you just sell?”

Cashier: “Two burgers, why?”

Me: “What am I supposed to make them with?”

Cashier: “Uh, the meat.”

Me: “The meat we don’t have any of?”

Cashier: “OH! When did we run out?”

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