Ignoring, Inattentive, And Over The Limit

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One year, I am on vacation at a large gaming convention in Indianapolis. The convention goes well, but when it comes time to fly home, I arrive at the airport and am informed that the flight is delayed due to engine trouble. Due to how busy the airport is, there aren’t going to be any alternative flights available until at least the next evening. So I and the other passengers on that flight wait. And wait. And wait some more.

Finally, more than two hours after my connecting flight in Denver has already left, my flight to Denver makes it to Indianapolis. Naturally, this means that we don’t get to Denver until late at night, and the airline puts us up in complimentary hotel rooms. They also give us little travel bags with toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other basic personal hygiene items.

Since I try to avoid checking through luggage, I still have all my stuff and proceed to toss the travel bag into my suitcase and forget about it.

The next morning, I am shuttled back to Denver International Airport. Things go smoothly until it is my turn to go through TSA screening. The screener scans my bags and then pulls my suitcase off the line.

Screener: “You were on that flight that was delayed from Indianapolis last night, weren’t you?”

Me: “Yes, how could you tell?”

He opens my suitcase, pulls out the travel bag, and removes the toothpaste.

Screener: “It’s just over the maximum size limit. I’ve been pulling these out all morning.”

He then waved me through, minus the toothpaste.

When I finally made it to my destination, I made sure to let the airline’s representative know about the issue with the toothpaste. I also was given a travel voucher over the flight delay; I know now that they should have given a cash refund. It turned out to have so many restrictions on what and how it could be used that it would have actually cost me more money trying to get the “discount” than just booking my seats regularly did. I made a habit of avoiding booking flights on that airline after that.

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