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Ignore The Electricity From The Electrician

| Romantic | March 8, 2015

(I am the stage electrician for a touring community theater production. When we tour, the spotlight operators are usually local employees of the theater we’re performing in. I communicate with them over headset because they’re in the front of the theater in the spotlight booths but I sit backstage. We are professional but friendly during the show. At the end of the first night’s show:)

Spotlight Operator #1: “So, [My Name], y’wanna go grab a beer after the show?”

Me: *laughing* “Unless the laws in South Carolina are a lot different than the laws in North Carolina, they won’t sell me a beer here.”

(There is a long moment of silence over the air.)

Spotlight Operator #2: [My Name], how old are you?”

Me: “I’ll be seventeen next week.”

(Another long moment of silence.)

Spotlight Operator #2: *sing-song* “Jaaaiiillll-baaaait.”

(I guess I sounded older over the headset than I really was!)

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