Ignorance Breeds Hate, Honesty Breeds A Family

| Romantic | August 15, 2012

(I am a gay male in high school. I’ve only come out of a select few people, but somehow some other people find out at my school. A guy I have a crush on (a seemingly popular guy in school), is amongst some people that are teasing me from afar.)

Guy #1: *passes me* “Hey [my name], wanna suck my d***?”

Crush: “Don’t be an jerk.”

Guy #1: “What? He’s a f**!”

Crush: “Yeah, and so am I.”

(His ‘friends’ look terrified and confused. He turns to me.).

Crush: “Hey [my name], do you want go on a date on Saturday?”

(We’re together 14 years later, and have adopted two kids!)

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