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If You’re Not Listening, We’re Not Caring

, , | Right | December 11, 2019

(I work at a hotel. I’m just checking out a middle-aged woman when it comes to the payment procedure. Note that we hold the full amount for the stay and incidentals on a credit card that the customer gives us at check-in.)

Me: “Would you like to pay with the same card that we had the deposit on?”

Customer: “Yes, whatever.”

(I charge the credit card on file and print out the bill to give to her. After I give her the bill she looks at me, confused.)

Me: “Is there something wrong with your bill?”

Customer: “Well, I wanted to pay with a different card, why did you charge that card?”

(I politely explain to her that I just asked her and she told me to do it.)

Customer: “You expected me to listen?”

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