If You’re Not Going To Save A Life, Save Your Breath

| Working | February 18, 2013

CONTENT WARNING: This story contains content of a medical nature. It is not intended as medical advice.

(My dad has just had a stroke late at night. As my dad is a doctor, he’s called one of his neurologist friends to meet us at the ER of the hospital. When we arrive, my dad is having trouble walking. So, I go to a group of three security guards for help.)

Me: “Could one of you all help me with my dad? He’s having a stroke and is getting weaker by the minute. He’s having trouble walking and I can’t carry him on my own.”

Guard #1: “No.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Guard #1: “We have to guard this entrance.”

Me: “All three of you?”

Guard #2: “Just get out of here! Your daddy seems to be doing just fine! Besides, we can’t walk back to our post alone! It’s dangerous!”

(I get close to crying, but I leave and manage to take my dad into the ER alone. His neurologist friend finds us and sets up treatment for him. Afterward, my dad tells me to go home so I can find a house sitter. While walking back to my car, I pass the useless security guards.)

Guard #3: “Hey, I just wanted to let you know, I really wanted to help you get your dad to the ER. He really was struggling.”

Me: “You think that gives me any comfort?! My dad could have fallen over and I wouldn’t have been able to help him!  You chose not to help.” *to Guard #2* “Also, note that I am walking back to my car ALONE, with no gun, pepper spray, or stick, like you do! It’s double dangerous for me, especially since it’s back out to the parking lot instead of in the completely lighted area around the perimeter of the building. Oh, and by the way, DADDY was absolutely NOT fine! He has lost all feeling in his left side and will need months to years of physical therapy. You want to help me now?  Go f*** yourselves, you wastes of space!”

(I visited/stayed with dad every day for the two months he spent in hospital. On the second week, I ran into one of the useless security guards in the lobby. He couldn’t have made eye contact with the floor any faster.)

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