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If You’re Gonna Cheat, You Gotta Cheat Smart

, , , , , | Learning | December 18, 2022

My uncle is a professor at a university. He was pretty sure there were quite a high number of cheaters but could never quite catch them. He then came up with this plan.

For the exam, he would give the same questions but with different data. Therefore, the process would be the same but the answers different. He said that by comparing the seating plan with the knowledge of the intelligent students, he could see the answers walking around the tests.

Instead of taking their punishment, apparently, a lot of the students who had been cheating would come up to him afterward to ask:

Student: “Why didn’t I get the point for this question? [Classmate] put the same answer and got the point!”

Uncle: “Did you actually read the question and not just their answer?”

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