If You’re Gonna Be Off, Be Waaaay Off

| | Right | April 20, 2008

(A customer calls on the phone.)

Me: “Hello how can I help?”

Customer: “I need an air filter for my car.”

Me: “Okay sir, what is the model of your car?”

Customer: “It’s red.”

Me: “Okay, so it is red, but what car model is it? Is it a ford or a fiat?”

Customer: “It’s sort of big and red.”

Me: “…I think you should come round to the store and show us the car you need the filter for.”

Customer: “Are you saying I’m wrong? The customer is always right!”

Me: “No, sir. I’m not saying you are wrong…”

(After this, he hung up and parked his BLUE Audi outside the shop and said it was for that car.)

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  • Trillium

    Well, the car may be blue, but it IDENTIFIES ITSELF as red. It’s rude of you to assume its really blue just because it looks blue.

    • Must be a liberal car

    • Dsru Bin

      I am sick and tired of these bullshiit comments. It’s none of your darnn business how the car identifies itself, or whether it has a singular identity at all! Did you know that not everyone can even see blue, and what you call blue and what I call blue could be very different? I can’t believe that Disqust is allowing in all of these colorist comments! I would block you for this, if my high morals didn’t say that everyone is entitled to my own opinion!

  • Jonathan Antes

    “Sir, Please drive more slowly when coming to the store. These physicists from NASA would like a word with you.”

  • Carl

    I apologize sir, our air filters only work in red cars. I will have to order the filter for blue cars and it will cost extra