If You’re Going To Sexually Harass Someone, Get The Right Someone

, , , | Right | December 12, 2018

(At my previous location, one of my coworkers and I looked enough alike in the face that customers used to mix us up. I am several inches taller than she is, but both of us sat at desks, so you couldn’t tell when we were seated. Fast forward three years. I now work at another branch. A customer that looks vaguely familiar walks in.)

Customer: “Hey! Didn’t you used to work at that other branch, on [Street]?”

Me: “I did! Now, what can I help you with today?”

Customer: “You’ve gained weight, haven’t you?”

Me: *thinking I’ve misheard* “I’m sorry?”

Customer: “You have! You’ve gained a few pounds!”

Me: “Um… No. I’ve always looked like this.”

Customer: “No, no, no. I’m pretty sure you haven’t. But, you know, it’s not a bad thing. You gained it in all the right places if you know what I mean!” *grins*

(I instinctively scoot my chair away from him.)

Me: “Excuse me?”

Customer: *squints at me* “Hang on. You’re [Former Coworker], right?”

Me: “No. I’m [My Name]. I used to sit at the desk next to her.”

Customer: “Oh. I thought you were [Former Coworker]. I… definitely have the wrong person, and I think I’d better go.”

(He got up and quickly exited the building.)

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