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If You Were Waiting For The Opportune Moment… This Wasn’t It

, , , | Right | November 23, 2022

I took an artwork commission from a client I had worked for before and hadn’t had any troubles with. This time was different.

They wanted a drawing of their role-playing character with their face turned down in a sharp profile.

I sent a sketch.

Client: “It’s perfect!”

I sent linework.

Client: “It’s perfect!”

I did the color and sent a final version.

Client: “It’s not perfect.”

Me: “What’s the issue?”

Client: “Can you open his eyes?”

Me: “This is something you should have brought up at the sketch or line stages. I can open his eyes, but they probably wouldn’t be visible anyway because of the angle.”

Client: “Well, I can’t even recognize him now.”

The sketch was 350 dpi and very clear. The linework was VERY crisp. I have no idea why they waited this long to make a criticism.

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