If You Want To Bypass Fraud Prevention, Offer Them Some More Fraud!

, , , | Right | July 31, 2020

Our company provides fraud prevention tools for e-commerce sites. I provide chat support on our site, which occasionally brings in some… interesting… characters.

Visitor: “I need to get an SMS by Phone Number USA for verify my account in the site. Can you help me?”

Me: “You want to do SMS verification for accounts on your site?”

SMS verification is when the site sends a text message to you with a passcode that you need to enter back into the site to continue. It confirms that you own the phone number you are providing.

Visitor: “It’s site [website]. Help me.”

Me: “I’m sorry, I’m having some trouble understanding what sort of help you’re looking for.”

Visitor: “One SMS for verify by USA phone number.”

Me: “You need to have your account on [sitename].com verified?”

Visitor: “Yes.”

Me: “Sorry, that’s not something I can help with.”

Visitor: “One Amazon gift card $5 for you. Just one SMS.”

Me: “We’re in the business of preventing the exact sort of fraud you’re asking me to help with. Why do you think a $5 gift card is going to change my mind? Have a nice day.”

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