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If You Ignore It Long Enough, It’ll Go Away

, , , | Working | January 17, 2022

At my company, we have a manager who is, well, toxic. This is the nicest thing I can say about her. Other things I can say about her are… pathological liar, narcissistic, and cruel. She is not only not a nice person, but she’s kind of evil at the end of the day. She also loves to ruin other people’s vacations.

It is the last week of September, and I am finally taking my first “vacation” all year to go to my cousin’s wedding. I will be leaving early Friday morning and coming back late Sunday night. I decide to take an extra two days off as it is also my ten-year anniversary that Wednesday, so I am gone Wednesday through Monday.

I also make this manager aware that I have a doctor’s appointment at 4:10 pm on Tuesday due to reduced health because of her abuse.

At 3:25 pm, she sends me a text, right as I am packing up to leave.

Toxic Coworker: “Hey, I know it is last minute, but [Contractor] has a 4:00 pm appointment to get his computer fixed, and I cannot stay around for it.”

I roll my eyes and leave because she doesn’t need me to stay. It is done remotely and the contractor isn’t even in the office. Before I go, I send a reminder email that I am unreachable.

At 4:11 pm, she texts me again.

Toxic Coworker: “Yikes! I forgot you are going on vacation! I hope you have a good one. No one deserves it more than you. <3”

Again, I ignore it. She tries to call me at 5:30 pm. I send her to voicemail.

On Wednesday morning at 7:30 am, I get my third text from her.

Toxic Coworker: “So, will you be in the office today?”

She only does this when I am on vacation, and only immediately after she acknowledged in a text the night before I am on vacation. So, I ignore it.

At 8:15 am:

Toxic Coworker: “I know you are probably on your plane but I have [issue she can fix herself]. I am hoping I can catch you before.”

At 9:30 am:

Toxic Coworker: “Never mind. Fixed it.”

At 10:15 am:

Toxic Coworker: “Where do I find [file that has nothing to do with my job]?”

At 11:00 am:

Toxic Coworker: “Found it!”

It goes like this every hour on Wednesday, where she tries to pester me with non-issues. I never responded until she eventually got bored and left me alone for the rest of my vacation. She never bothered me during my time off again.

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